Alaya Jewelry

Maintenance tips

Welcome to the refined world of Alaya Jewelry, where elegance meets practicality. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the splendor of our gold-plated and silver-plated jewels, true emblems of everyday sophistication. Follow our expert advice to preserve the brilliance of these treasures and discover how to seamlessly integrate them into our care ritual.

For optimal protection, start by meticulously storing your precious jewels in the stylish Alaya Jewelry boxes. These carefully crafted velvet or satin cases provide a cozy shelter for your adornments, combining protection and style. Thus, each piece rests in a secure cocoon, ready to be proudly worn for every occasion.


When it comes to polishing your jewelry, opt for the simplicity of a soft cloth. No need for special products; a gentle stroke is enough to remove impurities and revive the shine. Don’t forget the delicate details by using a soft-bristle brush, preserving the beauty of your jewelry in every aspect.


To avoid any discomfort, remove your jewelry before applying perfumes, lotions, or other products. This simple habit prolongs the freshness and brilliance of your pieces, protecting them from corrosive substances. Put them on with care to avoid any snagging and highlight their natural brilliance.


Finally, give your jewelry a well-deserved break in their Alaya Jewelry boxes. Avoid exposing them to extreme conditions such as intense heat or excessive humidity. By keeping them neatly stored, you’ll extend their lifespan, effortlessly preserving their brilliance.


Cherish your Alaya jewelry as companions in your daily life, accessories that add a touch of sophistication to every moment. With these simple tips, you will uphold the legacy of Alaya Jewelry’s quality, where beauty blends with style in an elegant setting, directly from our exquisite boxes.

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